Be Proud To Be In New Jersey

Music by Mark Winter
Lyrics by Mark Winter & Ellen Winter

Fields of green to crystal streams, the gleaming Jersey shore
Snowy glides and mountainsides, the world at nature's door
The beauty of the Garden State, its wonders great and small
Stirs the visions of the mind, its treasures shared by all


Be proud to be in New Jersey, New Jersey
Stand tall, sing out for New Jersey, New Jersey
From the farms to the sea there's no place I'd rather be
Be proud, New Jersey's proud of me

Courageous souls of yesterday fought bravely on this land
We keep those heroes in our hearts, the future in our hands
Tomorrow's dream will see the day, our children know the way
Give them pride and love inside, and they'll grow strong and say

The spirit of our people is the rock we're built upon
Our colors wave to honor you with strength to carry on
Wherever life may lead us or wherever we may roam
We'll hold a special place for you,
New Jersey you're my home

© Copyright 1996 Song-O-Saurus Music (ASCAP)

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