Wire Wrapped Jewelry


Caring For Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver is a metal that is meant to be worn. Left on top of a night stand, silver will tarnish. One way to prevent silver from tarnishing between wearings is to keep the jewelry in cloth pouches, or plastic jewelry bags. Larger plastic bags used to store food can also be used. The type with the locking seal is best.

A silver cloth is the best way to remove tarnish from jewelry. Do not pull the chain through the cloth, since this will likely break the chain. It is better to rub the chain against the cloth. For some silver chains, the only way to clean it is to use a liquid cleaner. Be sure to read the instructions to be sure it is safe for pearls and other soft stones.

Keep Your Antiqued Jewelry Looking Great

By allowing the metal to oxidize with a solution, sterling silver becomes "Antiqued" and develops an aged look. With wear, the antique process will fade, and the jewelry will look less "black' in color, becoming a vintage silver shade.

To prolong the dark color of the metal, avoid wearing the jewelry in the shower or bath. Water will remove the finish over time. Do not clean the sterling silver or the antique finish will be removed.

Your Over The Moon Jewelry can be re-oxidized for a nominal fee (in most cases, just the shipping charge, or a SASE).


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