Wire Wrapped Jewelry


Limited Edition

Something unique...inspired by anything and everything...and just around for a very short time...THAT is what I had in mind when I came up with the idea of Limited Editions. I wanted a way to share more of my jewelry designs with you. Unlike the standard Over The Moon Jewelry designs, Limited Editions are produced in a limited quantity and available for a short time. Once the design is sold out, it is gone. Order today -- don't be disappointed.

Coin Pearl...Swarovski Crystal

.......Coin Pearl -- $22 ........................Swarovski Crystal -- $14

The latest trend - ear dangles (also called ear threads) in earrings! Ear dangles are available (from left to right) in Swarovski crystal teardrop, Swarovski diamond shape or Coin Pearl. The diamond crystal ear dangles are available in different colors including two new color changing crystals (Cantaloupe and Alexandrite). These earrings can also be custom designed with various gemstones, pearls or crystals - just ask!

These earrings can be worn long and dangling, or looped and worn in your second pierced hole. They are very comfortable to wear. All earrings come with a little rubber back that can be worn on the bar part of the earring. Note: only one earring is shown in photo, but ear dangles are sold as a matching pair.







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